Why 2013 Should Be Exciting

Most of you must be tired have to listen Christina Perri “A Thousand Year” keep repeating on whole year, right? Good news is we’re slight longer to reach 2013. All radio announcers will replace the song with more up-to-date hits, which means can cause new ear bleeding experience. Wait, why it turns to be bad news?

However, on the ocassion of facing new year, I want to do quick recap about 2012. The year that has predicted to be doomsday according to Mayan prophecy. It says 21st of December will be the end of all things. Seriously? Now the date has been passed and I still write blog with right hand typing on keyboard and other hand grabbing nastar from its topless. Media has overly exposed the hoax. Scariest thing turned out to be the most silly thing right behind Aceng Fikri’s failed marriage.

Then, what’s so fun about 2013? Regarding to its number, some believe stated its carrying unlucky number. Thirteen. Scary. I mean c’mon guys, we’ve been fooled by Mayan prophecy once. Are we gonna let the absurd thing happen again?

Well, here I give you reasons why you have to stay excited to face new year, eventhough you don’t have spesific to-do list agenda for next year.

Art appreciators for music/movies I assume there will many good notable works are worth to wait. For instance, summer movies invasion. Admit it fanboys, Man of Stell’s trailer on youtube is one hell ride of seducing treatment. And so-called music snobbish, have you checked this? http://stereogum.com/1222701/the-50-most-anticipated-albums-of-2013/franchises/listomania/

For football fan, your curiosity about the one who will lift trophy at the end of season will be fulfilled. For love’s slaves, you can celebrate valentine’s day one more time. And the list still goes on and on.


More over from euphoric sensation caused by new year. I believe there’s certain reason why on December rain is pouring heavily. It’s happened to forced human civilization to be imprisoned. Instrospecting what they’ve been through from the previous time. Stop for a while, to set new strategy, to conquer new goals in new year. Or maybe, just simply resting. Thank God for the weather, for this beautiful season, for the clearance sale too.

Truth to be told, I’m not motivator type of guy who’s gonna propagandizing word of optimism. In here, I’m trying to be realistic. As growing human, responsibility should be added within the year they grow up. New year means new changes, new obstacles, new hopes, new joy. Hence, we’re riding new ride of life. Refering to Ronan Keating’s anthemic hit “Life’s a Roller Coaster”. Oh, don’t you guys enjoy and agree with the song at the same time? Haha.

And question pop out from your mind, What 2013 means to me, personally? Well, I have sort of hidden agenda. If everything goes as well as I expected, next year would be quite immense discovery and challenging for myself. But since it’s still premature I can’t announce about the details yet. That’s why I described my to-do list as hidden agenda hehe.

Aside from my hidden agenda, my resoultions in 2013 are quite simple to elobated. Will be: Create more – Less consume – Love more – Less hate – Do more – Worry less.

So, are you excited about 2013?

Author: Prima Pratono

Santai tapi serius.

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