The Magical Oil Named “Minyak Tawon”

In the time where everyone on earth celebrating mother’s day. I would like to share little bit about something that my mother have introduced me, Minyak Tawon. It might be one of the best invention human being ever created.

It started when I was a child, still labeled as young and ruthless, my lovely mother always thaught me to put believe in Minyak Tawon. At the beginning I don’t have any idea why I have to rely on this product although the logo was pretty impressive. “Kid, if you feel sick, use this, efficacious guarantee” and as a good boy my response was “Okay mam”.


I smeared that bizzare oil whenever illness striked me. In fact, I’ve been cured so many times. Not just the disease but even scar could be heal with this magical wasp branded oil. Suprisingly, some people that I know have drank Minyak Tawon to cure their sickness. WTF. How it tastes like? Sepet-sepet anget perhaps? However, it made hole of question in my head. How in the hell they made such powerful medicament like this? I have been thinking, this oil might be made by some kind of dragon’s blood from Mordor Mountain.

To fulfill my curiousity, I did a quick research on google. I found Minyak Tawon has been made in Makassar since 1912. It’s already a century. Then, list of the ingredients are coconut oil, eucalyptus oil, clove and other kind of herbs. Apparently, my wild guess have missed quite far. Furthermore, due to its popularity many imitation product have been sold in market, to generalized the original one you can notice from the hologram sticker. The product itself has already started the expansion to world wide market in 2009. They made to Wayne Rooney’s home country, which is England. The oil ought to gain more popularity from people overseas. Standing alongside with giant brands such as Starbucks, Pizza Hut, Levi’s.

Minyak Tawon is a phenomenon in Indonesia. I bet most people have stock up the oil in their house or bringing as first medical kit when they’re traveling. It’s like a must have or a must bring item in Indonesia’s family tradition. You’re not Indonesian enough, if you don’t know about Minyak Tawon and its wonder savor.

Author: Prima Pratono

Santai tapi serius.

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